January Regulatory Update

Jan 01, 2024
Electrical Safety
Luxembourg: New European standards applicable in the electrotechnical, non-electrotechnical and telecommunications field
They entered into force through November and December 2023.

Through November and December 2023, the Luxembourgish Standards Body published several lists of European Standards in the electrical field, in the non-electrical field and in the telecommunications field which became applicable in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Electrotechnical field:
• ILNAS-EN 60335-2-45:2002/A11:2023 Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-45: Particular rules for mobile heating tools and similar appliances
• ILNAS-EN 60335-2-99:2003/A11:2023 Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-99: Particular rules for electric kitchen hoods for commercial use
• ILNAS-EN 60670-24:2013/A11:2023 Boxes and enclosures for electrical equipment for fixed electrical installations for domestic and similar uses - Part 24: Particular requirements for enclosures for protective equipment and other electrical equipment with dissipated power
• ILNAS-EN IEC 55016-1-4:2019/A2:2023 Specifications for methods and apparatus for measuring radio interference and immunity to radio interference - Part 1-4: Apparatus for measuring radio interference and immunity to radio interference - Antennas and test locations for measurements of radio interference radiated disturbances
• LNAS-EN IEC 60335-2-113:2023 Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-113: Particular requirements for devices intended for cosmetic and aesthetic care involving lasers and high intensity light sources
• ILNAS-EN IEC 60335-2-34:2023 Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-34: Particular requirements for motor compressors
• ILNAS-EN IEC 60335-2-40:2023 Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-40: Particular requirements for electric heat pumps, air conditioners and dehumidifiers
• ILNAS-EN IEC 60335-2-75:2023 Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-75: Particular requirements for commercial distributors with or without means of payment
• ILNAS-EN IEC 60384-25:2021/AC:2023-05 Fixed capacitors used in electronic equipment - Part 25: Intermediate specification - Conductive polymer solid electrolyte surface mount aluminum electrolytic fixed capacitors
• ILNAS-EN IEC 60794-1-301:2023 Optical fiber cables - Part 1-301: Generic specification - Fundamental testing procedures for optical cables - Methods for testing cable elements - Bend test, method G1
• ILNAS-EN IEC 60794-1-303:2023 Optical fiber cables - Part 1-303: Generic specification - Fundamental testing procedures for optical cables - Ribbon dimensions - Opening template, method G3
• ILNAS-EN IEC 60947-6-1:2023 Low voltage switchgear - Part 6-1: Multi-function equipment - Source transfer equipment
• ILNAS-EN IEC 61010-031:2023 Safety requirements for electrical measuring, regulating and laboratory apparatus - Part 031: Safety requirements for equipped hand-held and manipulated probes for electrical measurement and testing
• ILNAS-EN IEC 62561-1:2023 Components of lightning protection systems (CSPF) - Part 1: Requirements for connecting components
• ILNAS-EN 50110-1:2023 Operation of electrical installations - Part 1: General requirements;
• ILNAS-EN 50110-2:2023 Operation of electrical installations - Part 2: National annexes;
• ILNAS-EN 60335-2-31:2014/A11:2023 Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-31: Special rules for kitchen hoods and other cooking fume extractors;
• ILNAS-EN 60838-2-3:2017/A1:2023 Miscellaneous sockets for lamps - Part 2-3: Special requirements - Sockets for lamps Dual-ended linear LEDs;
• ILNAS-EN 61770:2009/A12:2022/AC:2023-06 Electrical appliances connected to the water supply network - Requirements to avoid water return by siphoning and failure of connection assemblies;
• ILNAS-EN IEC 55036:2020/A1:2023 Electric and hybrid electric road vehicles - Disturbance characteristics radio frequency - Limits and measurement methods for the protection of receivers external below 30 MHz;
• ILNAS-EN IEC 60076-19-1:2023 Power transformers - Part 19-1: Rules for determining uncertainties for measuring power transformer losses;
• ILNAS-EN IEC 60309-1:2022/AC:2023-06 Plugs, fixed socket outlets, movable sockets and connector bases for industrial uses - Part 1: General requirements;
• ILNAS-EN IEC 60534-1:2023 Industrial process control valves - Part 1: Control valve terminology regulation and general considerations;
• ILNAS-EN IEC 61820-3-4:2023 Electrical installations for lighting and marking of aerodromes - Part 3-4: Circuits safety secondaries in series circuits - General safety requirements;
• ILNAS-EN IEC 61980-2:2023 Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Systems for Electric Vehicles – Part 2: Specific requirements for communication and activities of MF-WPT systems;
• ILNAS-EN IEC 63044-4:2021/AC:2023-06 Home and Building Electronics (HBED) and Systems technical building management (SGTB) - Part 4: General safety requirements functional for products intended to be integrated into HBES and SGTB.

Non-electrotechnical field:
• ILNAS-EN 4863:2023 Aerospace series - Thermal protection suits in the event of rotorcraft immersion - Requirements, testing and marking
• ILNAS-EN 13501-2:2023 Fire classification of construction products and elements - Part 2: Classification based on fire resistance and/or smoke control test data, excluding products used in ventilation systems ILNAS-EN 13776:2023 LPG equipment and accessories - LPG tanker loading and unloading procedures
• ILNAS-EN 14972-6:2023 Fixed fire-fighting installations - Water mist systems - Part 6: Test protocol for automatic nozzle systems for false floors and false ceilings
• ILNAS-EN 14972-11:2023 Fixed fire-fighting installations - Water mist systems - Part 11: Test protocol for open nozzle systems for cable galleries
• ILNAS-EN 15876:2023 Electronic toll collection - Assessment of the conformity of on-board equipment and roadside infrastructure equipment to EN 15509
• ILNAS-EN 17634:2023 Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids - Determination of the consistency of nicotine delivery during defined puff sequences with several identical e-cigarettes
• ILNAS-EN 17848:2023 Leather - Chemicals - Quality control
• ILNAS-EN ISO 6369:2023 Ice makers for commercial use - Classification, requirements and test conditions (ISO 6369:2023)
• ILNAS-EN ISO 13849-1:2023 Safety of machinery - Safety-related parts of control systems - Part 1: General design principles (ISO 13849-1:2023)
• ILNAS-EN ISO 14002-2:2023 Environmental management systems - Guidelines for the use of ISO 14001 to take into account environmental conditions and aspects within the framework of a given environmental theme - Part 2: Water (ISO 14002-2:2023)
• ILNAS-EN ISO/IEC 17043:2023 Conformity assessment - General requirements for the competence of proficiency test organizers (ISO/IEC 17043:2023)
• ILNAS-EN 12309-1:2023 Gas-powered sorption devices for heating and/or cooling with a heat flow on PCI less than or equal to 70 kW - Part 1: Terms and definitions;
• ILNAS-EN 14664:2023 Chemicals used for the treatment of water intended for human consumption - Solid iron (III) sulphates;
• ILNAS-EN 16440-2:2023 Test methods for refrigeration devices for insulated means of transport - Part 2: Eutectic Refrigeration Devices;

Telecommunications field:
• ILNAS-EN 319 421 V1.2.1 (2023-05) Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI); Policy and Security Requirements for Trust Service Providers issuing Time-Stamps.
• ILNAS-EN 303 687 V1.1.1 - 6 GHz WAS/RLAN ; Harmonised Standard for access to radio spectrum
• ILNAS-EN 319 122-1 V1.3.1 - Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI) ; CAdES digital signatures ; Part 1 : Building blocks and CAdES baseline signatures.

Saudi Arabia: List of HS codes that will be updated on the SABER platform to become subject to technical regulations published,
They will become subject to technical regulations within 30 days of the date of the corresponding notification, which was published on December 14, 2023.
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