Energy Transition
Clean Energy

Switching to non-fossil energy sources requires a lot of effort and considerable investment - but i

Energy Transition

Master the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources as nature provides them.

Climate change itself is a motivator for companies to change their energy mix – carbon credits are another one. Whatever reason your company is driven by renewables are on the table. Wind power, hydrogen, and solar power offer great potential to eventually replace fossil fuels.

At the same time, planning, building, operating, and dismantling corresponding power plants is a demanding and complex process. Safety and risk considerations, management, regular inspections, certifications – there is a lot to keep in mind. Let DEKRA guide you through this transition.

DEKRA offers a wide range of energy transition services

On the following pages, you will find useful information on the different sectors of Energy Transition and everything you need to know about our DEKRA services. If you cannot find what you need or have further questions, please contact us.