Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics Services

Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics Services
Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics Services

Artificial Intelligence tries to make machines intelligent - the next step of automation

Innovative, connected, and smart products can only develop their full potential if they can be deployed and used safe and securely. At DEKRA, we are convinced that users will not trust innovation and new technologies without verified safety and security – especially AI.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence and its applications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) describes the mimicry of human intelligence by machines. Machines are programmed to imitate humans and their actions. Popular application areas are automated driving, customer service, and industry 4.0. AI encompasses several fields such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing or Machine Learning.
Artificial Intelligence refers to the field of computer science focused on creating systems, that think and act like humans or imitate human beings.
Machine Learning is a branch of AI. To enable the algorithms to learn, labeled datasets are needed. In this way, more human interaction is required to start the process. Humans need to clarify a hierarchy for the dataset to make the algorithm understand the data input.
Deep Learning is a subset of ML. The main difference between ML and DL is the way, the algorithms are learning. The neuronal network used in DL, containing three or even more layers, tries to simulate the human brain to be able to learn from a large amount of provided data. This is preferably used when unstructured data is available.

The power of Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics has the capability to deal and interpret all types of data such as text, images, video, sensors... by extracting the relevant information behind which is valuable for automation processes, decision-making, etc.
Advanced analytics is distinct from traditional descriptive analytics, or business intelligence because it applies automation and AI to cope with far more complex datasets and produce far deeper insights and predictions. It draws on real-time data as well as historical data to produce faster conclusions.
AA can include machine learning, neural networks, forecasting, complex event processing, data modelling, semantic analysis, among others, to identify patterns and trends in enormous datasets. It uses data mining to unearth more information from multiple different sources to develop a more complete picture of the situation.

Ensuring a safe and trustworthy AI & AA ecosystem

DEKRA's reliable, safe and secure assessment process for AI-based applications, assures the trustworthiness in AI technology applied by our customers. This framework ensures that AI solutions are ethically sound and compliant with pre-regulatory standards and are anticipating future legislative requirements - all backed by DEKRA's decades of independent testing experience.
Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics is leveraging potential in DEKRA’s main business: The TIC industry. Additional, DEKRA offers pre-regulatory TIC Services such as Auditing, Testing and Advisory to ensure that all potential risks can be identified and hence trustworthy of the AI solution before market launch.

Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics Services

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics Solution Development
DEKRA offers data-driven software solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics techniques. This includes data pre-processing, machine learning model development, testing, deployment and maintenance of our tools. Besides that, we can also provide services for data annotation and anonymization powered by AI technology.
Adapting to client’s requirements, DEKRA's solutions are deployed in cloud, desktop or mobile applications.
AI Testing & Certification Services

Trustworthy AI has to be the gatekeeper for the overall Digital Transformation, we at DEKRA assure embedded AI Technology is reliable, safe and secure.

Dr. Xavier Valero