June Regulatory Update

Jun 01, 2024


Brazil: ANATEL access to process documents for the homologation of certificates (CoH) released

The platform is only accessible for Brazilian citizens.
After a period without public access to the homologation certificates (CoH), ANATEL finally released public access to the process documents. It can be done through the link CoH ANATEL.
However, at the moment this Government platform is only accesible for Brazilian citizens that have a national account on the Government platform. As soon as the access for foeigners is enabled, we will let you know.
We thank our DEKRA Brazil colleague Paulo Faria, ANATEL OCD Technical Coordinator, for sharing this information.
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Brazil: Technical Requirements for Spectrum Management Act No. 915/ 2024 published

It is in force since February 7, 2024. Previously authorized systems may continue to operate according to the previous conditions until December 31, 2029, or for the remaining period of the authorization, whichever occurs first.
On 07 February 2024, the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) published an Act on Technical Requirements for Spectrum Management.
It establishes technical and operational requirements for the use of radio frequency bands intended for private limited service, provided by terrestrial systems, and allocated to fixed service or mobile service, in accordance with the Regulation on Conditions of Use of Radio Frequencies.
Those interested in the use of radio frequency bands must make efforts, prior to the assignment of radio frequencies, to carry out coordination with other systems authorized to operate in the same geographic area or in a neighboring area, in the same radio frequency bands or in bands adjacent to their bands of interest.
The transmission and reception equipment must have appropriate filtering and selectivity to reduce, respectively, the levels of unwanted emissions and susceptibility to interference from stations operating in accordance with the regulations.
Further General Technical and Operational Requirements are specified in § 4.
Previously authorized systems may continue to operate in accordance with the conditions of use in force on the date of the respective authorization to use radio frequencies until 31 December 2029, or for the remaining period of the authorization, whichever occurs first, without causing harmful interference or requesting protection of authorized stations in accordance with the conditions set out in these Technical Requirements, unless specifically provided otherwise.
After 7 September 2028, the assignments will be excluded from Anatel's Technical and Administrative Database (BDTA) and the continued use of radio frequencies in disagreement with these Technical Requirements constitutes an offence subject to sanctions provided for in specific regulations.
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Chile: Technical Standard on short range telecommunication equipment amended

It entered into force on March 11, 2024. It includes requirements for medical implant communication systems.
On March 5, 2024, the Chilean Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications published Resolution No. 362, 2024, to amend resolution No. 1.985 of 2017, which approved the technical standard on short range radio devices and equipment.
Based on it, the medical implant communications systems (MICS) must fulfill that:
g.1) They operate in the frequency band from 401 to 406 MHz with a maximum radiated power of 25 µW, a maximum bandwidth of 300 kHz and that use the interference reduction techniques indicated in Annex 1 of the Recommendation ITU-R RS.1346 of the International Telecommunications Union, for the protection of its operation towards the primary attributions that operate in the aforementioned frequency band.
g.2) They operate in the frequency band of 2,400-2,483.5 MHz with a maximum radiated power of 2.5 mW and they use frequency hopping technology (FHSS).
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