November Regulatory Update

Nov 01, 2023
Regulatory review
Israel: The Ministry of Economy and Industry announces exemption from inspections and approvals for specified products to facilitate their Import
South Africa: NRCS introduces new compulsory specifications of LED lamps for energy efficiency and electrical safety
UK: New amendments to designated standards (PPE and Machinery) proposed
South Korea: Safety Standard KC 10031 on safety requirements for secondary lithium batteries to repurpose used lithium batteries published
South Korea: electrical appliances and consumer products safety control act enforcement rule amended
Electrical Safety
Paraguay: Mercosur Resolution No. 06/18 on safety and performance requirements for domestic gas instantaneous water heaters implemented
South Korea: Operation bulletin of electrical appliances and consumer products safety control act amended
Energy Efficiency
Bahrain: Draft EER TR for Lighting Products_Part 2
Costa Rica: Central American Technical Regulation RTCA 23.01.78:20 on Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioners adopted and equivalence with it of AHRI Standard 210/240-2017 and NOM-026-ENER-2015 granted
Indonesia: MEPS for refrigerated display cases Decision No. 126, 2023 is published
Australia: Restrictions on small air conditioning equipment published
Botswana: Type approval exemption published
Canada: RSS-252 - Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) On-Board Units (OBUs) in the 5895-5925 MHz band published
EAEU: Regulation on labelling of telephones and portable computing machines with means of identification published
Mainland China: Annoucement revising the format and CMIIT ID code rules for the type approval certificate of radio transmitting equipment published
USA: Waiver for wireless hearing aid compatibility volume control testing granted
Other news
GCC: DEKRA Shanghai designated as GSO Notified Body for G Mark
UK: Revised guidance documents for UKCA
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