September Regulatory Update

Sep 22, 2023
Regulatory review
UK: Announcements from UK Government - CE Marking Extension and New Safety Regulatory Framework Consultation
EU: ECHA requested by the EC to investigate substances of concern in batteries
South Korea: Korean Industrial Standard (KS) on certain batteries and photovoltaic devices, and renewable energy and hybrid systems revised
Electrical Safety
Armenia: Decision on the characteristics of implementing the information system of monitoring related to the circulation of products subject to labelling with control signs published
Brazil: Correction to Portaria 269/2021 on air conditioner conformity assessment requirements published
Brazil: Portaria No. 266/2023 amending conformity assessment requirements for refrigerators and similar products published
Brazil: Rectification of Portaria 131/2022 on cables, wires and cords published
Brazil: Rectification of Portaria 69/2022 on LED lamps published
Brazil: Rectification of Portaria 89/2022 on minimum safety and energy efficiency requirements for household appliances that use gas as fuel and on conformity assessment requirements for gas water heaters published
Costa Rica: Draft Regulation RTCR 510:2023 for Strings of Lights, Christmas Decorations and Decorative Figures for Domestic Use
India: Guidance on steps to be followed for grant of license under Scheme – X for new applicants published
India: Import policy of laptops, tablets and others under HSN 8471 amended
Saudi Arabia: TR for Communication and Information Technology Equipment, Draft Regulation, August 2023
Energy Efficiency
Bolivia: Draft TR of Energy Efficiency for LED Lamps (August 2023) may enforce from 24 May 2024
EU: New Energy labelling and ecodesign regulations on smart phones and tablets
Argentina: Test standards ENACOM-Q2-63.02 V23.1 and ENACOM-Q2-63.03 V23.1 for equipment of digital broadband and frequency hopping systems published
Brazil: Technical requirements for conformity assessment of the IPV6 Protocol in telecommunication products and of smart TV box published
Canada: Digital Transmission Systems (DTSs), Frequency Hopping Systems (FHSs) and Licence-Exempt Local Area Network (LE-LAN) Devices, Radio Standards Specification RSS-247 published
Canada: Transition manual and license exchange process for flexible use licensees in the 3500/3800 MHz Bands published
Japan: Amendments of Radio Act Enforcement Regulations and others published
Lao People's Democratic Republic: Notification on certification and labelling requirements for telecommunications and ICT equipment published
UK: Extended recognition of CE marking announced not applicable to Medical Devices or IVDs