Dr. Eom Dong-seop of DEKRA Korea Elected to Korean “Lemon Law” Commission, Paving the Way for Future Automotive Safety and Homologation Initiatives

Feb 27, 2023
DEKRA Korea is pleased to announce that Dr. Eom Dong-seop has been appointed to the automobile safety and defect commission by the Ministry of Transportation of Korea. The commission, commonly referred to the “Lemon Law”, is responsible for deliberation on matters related to exchange and refund arbitration, correction of manufacturing defects, and can order a manufacturer to recall a vehicle.
As the first foreign corporation to have a representative in the “Lemon Law” commission, DEKRA sees this as a major accomplishment, creating an opportunity for the company to establish itself as an influential certification body for automobile and parts manufacturers in Korea.
Dr. Eom's extensive experience in homologation and vehicle testing makes him a valuable asset to DEKRA's expert team. In his role as the head of homologation at DEKRA's Service Division Product Testing, Dr. Eom is responsible for vehicle type approval. He brings a wealth of experience in homologation from his previous work with the Korean authority and European technical service, as well as serving as the head of engine development at an automobile development company. He is an expert in technology market analysis and country-specific vehicle testing.
With an extensive experience and expertise in homologation and vehicle testing, DEKRA is well-positioned to provide high-quality homologation services that will benefit Korean automotive companies, as well as other Asian manufacturers, and ultimately enhance road safety.
This appointment is a proud achievement for both Dr. Eom and DEKRA. DEKRA Korea looks forward to contributing to the safety and quality of Korean automobiles through the participation in this important commission.