DEKRA opens new test facility at laboratory in Arnhem, Netherlands

EMC Testing Now Also for Trucks Etc.

Sep 26, 2022

The DEKRA test center in Arnhem, Netherlands, has been expanded with a new open area test site (OATS) for testing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The new test facility was officially opened a few days ago and can also be used to test large vehicles such as electric buses and electric trucks.

The open area test site gives DEKRA more options for providing support to manufacturers in developing, testing, and certifying new developments. It is a flat outdoor location with a non-reflective and non-absorbent metal surface and, in the future, will be used to perform reference measurements of radiated electric and magnetic fields according to international and national EMC standards.
The new test site, managed by DEKRA Certification B.V., Arnhem, Netherlands, also allows the testing of large vehicles which, due to their size or weight, cannot normally be tested in modified anechoic chambers. In the future, besides buses and trucks, these vehicles will include construction and agricultural machinery, a growing number of which have electric motors.
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radio frequency (RF) testing is required to ensure uninterrupted e-mobility and the safety of automated driving. DEKRA has an extensive global network of EMC and RF laboratories, with test facilities in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, China, South Korea, and the USA.
The new test facility in Arnhem is part of DEKRA’s strategy of increasing its investment in the future of e-mobility. A new tester for electric motors and axles will begin operating at the DEKRA Technology Center at the Lausitzring race track near Klettwitz in Brandenburg, Germany in the next few days. The aim is for this to provide homologation, type testing, and quality assurance services on the behalf of manufacturers and authorities.