First inspection station opened near Madrid

Entry into Spain: DEKRA further expands vehicle inspection business

Jul 07, 2022

The world's number one in vehicle inspection has entered the market in Spain: The first DEKRA inspection station has opened in the city of Leganés in the southwest of the Madrid region. Further locations are to be added in the future.

  • Further stations to be added in the future
  • Global number one with around 28 million inspections in 24 countries
  • Periodical technical inspection essential for road safety
“We are delighted to have made our entry into Spain,” says Nicolas Bouvier, Executive Vice President responsible for the Southwest Europe region in the DEKRA Group. “DEKRA has stood for safety for almost 100 years, and our colleagues in Spain are highly motivated to contribute their expertise to further improve road safety.”
The regulations for periodical vehicle inspection, known in Spanish as ITV (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos), are drawn up in Spain by the 17 regions known as Autonomous Communities. The respective markets are structured and regulated differently, so that the entry of private organizations such as DEKRA is only possible in certain regions. The station in Leganés, with four modernly equipped test lanes and a spacious outdoor area, offers optimal conditions for inspecting all types of vehicles.
DEKRA inspects around 28 million vehicles in 24 countries around the world every year – more than any other organization. “As part of our ‘Strong Europe’ strategy, we want to further expand DEKRA's market position in vehicle inspection in Europe,” said Christoph Nolte, Executive Vice President and Head of DEKRA's Vehicle Inspection Service Division. “The entry into Spain is another important step in this process.”