Ex Certification for Japan (JPEx)

Type approval certification for Japan

DEKRA Certification was registered by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on January 23, 2018 as Japanese Ex certification body. We can issue a type approval certificate for Japan (Japanese Ex certificate) as well as TIIS.
Points to consider when acquiring Japanese explosion-proof certification (JPEx)
In the case of JPEx, connection facilities such as cable glands, adapters, and plugs must be evaluated together with explosion-proof devices, and additional evaluation is performed in addition to IECEx certification documents.
There is no explosion-proof quality inspection (factory inspection) system in the case of the Japanese explosion-proof certification (explosion-proof structural, electrical and mechanical equipment type inspection), but the certificate must be renewed every 3 years.

TIIS application agency

In Japan, only Ex equipment certified inside Japan can be installed in a dangerous area such as a petroleum / chemical plant that falls under Group II.
This means that even Ex equipment certified outside Japan will be punishable by law unless it is certified in Japan.
In addition, a Japanese amendment notice was issued on August 24, 2010, and it has been in operation since February 23, 2011. Since the revised standard is close to the latest IEC / EN standard, products certified outside Japan are easier to obtain Japanese Ex certification.
DEKRA Certification not only helps customers (manufacturers and importers) to obtain Japanese Ex certification, but also has a wealth of experience and knowledge of Japanese Ex certification. You can reduce the risk of the applicants involved.
The merits to choose DEKRA Certification:
  • DEKRA Certification has many Ex engineers in Korea, Japan, as well as numerous locations throughout Europe
  • We have a wealth of knowledge and experience with TIIS certification.
  • Because there are two offices in Japan, it is possible to communicate with the Japanese Certification Body (TIIS) without problems.
  • Since DEKRA Certification provides certification services for ATEX / IECEx and Japan, products certified for IECEx by KEMA or DEKRA Certification B.V. can be smoothly led to Japanese Ex certification.
  • In 2010, DEKRA Certification was approved as a designated foreign testing agency (DFTA) *1 in order to make the services described in Section 4 smoother.
  • *1: ExTR issued from DFTA is referable when applying for Japanese Ex certification.
The benefits of this authorization are:
  • Shortening the certification period
  • Discounting the certification fee
Finally, the cooperation of DEKRA Certification will enable customers to quickly bring their products to the Japanese market and overseas markets.