DEKRA Korea performs field operational driving tests

Mar 29, 2024
The DEKRA Korea homologation team successfully performed driving tests for leading manufacturers of ADAS systems (Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems), as part of a global project. These ADAS systems make our cars safer by providing for instance lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition and emergency braking.
For one project, to check and “teach” the systems, a test vehicle was driven by 2 DEKRA experts over 62,000km in Korea, on city, highway, and rural roads in different lighting conditions. To enhance the safety further, also a camera blockage was simulated.
In another project, a 10,000km driving test had the aim to correctly detect and display traffic signs for speed. In addition, the emergency braking function was simulated.
DEKRA Korea is proud to be the local partner of these driving tests. The driving tests of DEKRA are essential to ensure the live saving functions of future ADAS systems under all conditions.