IEC System for Ex Certification (IECEx)

Ex certification for all the markets over the world

As you know, it is difficult to make Ex products acceptable to countries around the world. The IECEx program supports you with these difficulties. The purpose of this program is to facilitate the import and export of Ex products.
The IECEx program is a voluntary program based on the International Standard (IEC) for products used in explosive environments. Each certification body accredited as ExCB will accept test reports from other ExCB, dramatically reducing the time required to obtain national certification. DEKRA Certification is accredited as ExCB and ExTL in the IECEx program, so the entire IECEx certification process can be carried out. The IECEx certification process consists of a construction assessment and / or sample testing, an initial audit of the quality assurance system installed at the production site, and an ongoing supervision of this quality assurance system. DEKRA Certification is accredited by the IECEx program, is an accredited organization of the ATEX directive, and has partnered with a number of international testing institutions, so you can launch your product in many markets.
Benefits of IECEx Certification
IECEx program can reduce the costs associated with performing many assessments (and reassessments). In many countries, there are no explosion-proof laws, but internationally recognized certification is required. IECEx certification can provide a solution. The IECEx program allows direct entry into the Australian and New Zealand markets. In addition, the IECEx program will enable small domestic markets to use your products and technologies.
Why choose DEKRA Certification?
DEKRA Certification allows you to combine your IECEx certification with ATEX (Europe), FM and NACS (North America), CCC (China), and Japanese Ex certification. DEKRA Certification project managers are experts who are familiar with the IEC/EN standards and familiar with your products. DEKRA Certification considers the product's planned time to market by being involved in the early stages of the product development process. In addition, DEKRA Certification offers service packages for testing and certification of various products and processes, including products for use in non-hazardous areas.
DEKRA Certification has offices in Korea, Japan, USA as well as in numerous locations both inside and outside Europe. Therefore, you can always conduct business in Korean near you. Your development process and manufacturing are taken into account for the concrete steps to the maximum. Needless to say, this flexible attitude does not sacrifice accuracy, objectivity or independence.
IECEx conformity mark license
DEKRA Certification issues licenses for conformity marks for IECEx certified products
IECEx certification of personal competence (CoPC)
IECEx audit